How To Be More Productive as a Freelancer


I n my time working as a freelancer I have found that so many things can interrupt your day and force you to be unproductive. At home there’s no boss to tell you that you shouldn’t be watching Netflix during work-hours or that your lunch break has gone over time by thirty minutes. If you’re like me with no clear defined workspace it’s even harder to develop a schedule that makes it easier to get into the rhythm. I’ve found that my body and mind both need some things set into place to seperate a work day from a weekend and I’ll share with you some tips that have helped me so much in getting shit done.


1. Having a clearly defined work routine.

Every morning before work I get up at the same time. I put the kettle on, do some morning stretches and read the bible. Then, I write my to-do list and after all that I am able to ease into work. The most important thing for me in my morning routine though was getting up at the same time. You might be thinking, “Hold on, I thought I didn’t have to get up early as a freelancer?” And honestly, you’re right, there’s no telling what works for people and if you get all your work done  in the afternoon/evening then you’ve found what works for you! But that doesn’t mean you can't have a schedule you stick to. The key to wiring your brain from sleeping to productivity is establishing a routine and getting up at the same time every morning (or afternoon,) forcing your brain to be like, “Hey, I should be doing some work right about now.” If this doesn’t work for you, doing some other activities before starting work that you do every day also helps, which leads me to my next tip.

2. Tick some things off your to-do list first thing in the mornin

There’s science behind why checking something off your to-do list creates such a wonderful and productive feeling in your brain, so why not use this to your advantage and tackle some simple chores before starting your work-day to get into that productive mindset? Now hear me out before you immediately disagree, as well as tricking yourself into being more productive, I’ve found that just doing some basic cleaning makes my home a nice happy environment to do work in so really it's a win-win! If chores aren’t your forte there are simple things you can tick off the list that create the same effect, like maybe just doing some morning stretches or making a coffee. Whatever works for you!

3. Get rid of all the distractions + self-motivate

If you’re a freelancer reading this at home instead of working then this is the tip for you. It’s so easy to get distracted at home with all the fun things around you, like your dog, or your Netflix account so for this tip I’ll share some tips with you that really helped me stay productive and focus on my work. 1. Reward yourself for every few hours you do work, and stay working. For me, being able to have a treat after doing work boosts my productivity by a lot because I am honestly a child at heart. I’ll go to great lengths to be able to rationalise buying that block of chocolate and then eating it in one sitting, so why not use this also to your advantage and create a little reward for staying productive! 2. As well as self-motivating myself I get rid of all the distractions in my workspace and clear out a space that I can really concentrate in. This might mean having a clear defined office but if you’re like me and need a change of scenery every now and then I make sure to leave my phone in another room and grab a tea so when I do want a break, instead of reaching for my phone, I reach for my tea.

I hope these tips will help for you in getting your work done! Nobody’s perfect and even I laze around in bed all morning occasionally or put on that show I’ve been binge-watching before bed every night, but I’m happy to say that doing all these things has helped me become so much more productive and happy with what I have achieved during the work day. 4

Let me know what helped you, I’d love to chat! Thanks for reading, now get back to work ;)