What to do When You've Got No Clients


Every freelancer will have that moment where they realise their client work has dried up and they are wrapping up old projects, or simply not getting any new clients. Instead of fretting over what you are going to do for work that week, it’s so much healthier to breathe and focus on things to help your business.

It’s so important to know that you’re not alone in this. Even designers you look up to may have these moments where they wonder if their studio will sustain them for the rest of their lives. By looking at it positively you have a healthier and happier mindset. This is the perfect opportunity to focus on you so that you’re completely ready to tackle the projects that come your way eventually!

My list of things to do when client work has dried up:

  • Work on personal projects

With no client work you are free to work on whatever you like! This might be some personal projects to spice up your portfolio and add value, or simply creating things you didn’t have the time to do. The choice is up to you! Doing personal projects will only help you in your freelance journey by either adding to your portfolio or increasing your skill set. Creativity is a muscle in which strengthening it daily will help you become a much better designer.

  • Upkeep files

This is a great opportunity to finally sort out your files and folders on your computer. If you’ve been flat out that month with work then you might notice that your files are like looking down the rabbit hole. I plan out one block of time to really clean out any old files you don’t need anymore and sorting out everything into folders.

  • Refresh your website!

Over time your website might get outdated or you have done new work that you can add to your site. You can use this time to spruce up your website and work on it so that any potential clients will want to book you immediately! Some different things you can start doing are: taking some photos for you to add, freshen up your own branding including colour palette and font styles, if you haven’t already got a blog, (you should get on that!) create one and write some posts that will increase visibility to your website and increase your traffic and finally really pick apart what works on your website and what doesn’t. If no one is clicking on to different pages try and find out why.

  • Write a batch of blog posts

When you do get clients you might notice your blog sitting there catching dust. By writing out a heap of different posts you can easily schedule them so that when you are busy it’s not going neglected. I have also found that by setting aside one day to write the second and third post you write will be a lot easier than the first, once your creative juices are fired up!

  • And finally, work on your business

With this extra time you can really focus on your business and help it grow. You can do this by creating some freebies to post on your website in order to attract potential clients, creating a newsletter for subscribers that love your work, or writing a course on a particular subject you are amazing at to earn some passive income on the side. All of these things will help drive traffic to your website and earn some new clients.

I hope these tips helped you in not fretting over the lack of clients. Once you see this a positive opportunity for growth you are able to inspire and create things that help your business or freelancing grow!