How to Attract Your Dream Client


When I first started my online business my business plan was a complete mess. No clients were coming in and I was left wondering why that was. Was my portfolio the best it could be? Was I not focusing on marketing enough? Was I marketing to the wrong people? Who even were the right people? If this sounds like you, and you’re already scrambling to come up with a dozen more marketing strategies to attract some clients, first slow your roll, breathe and put the kettle on while you settle down to read my story of how I went from zero clients to attracting some pretty major ones.

You may be focusing on too big of a market.

If you’re trying to attract anyone and everyone to your business to generate more sales, it’s not going to work. You might find that you’re getting a ton of traffic but absolutely zero leads. This could be because you haven’t defined your ideal client and marketed towards them. If you’re trying to sell stationary with no specific niche you may be reaching too high. Rifle Paper & Co didn’t start by selling their entire collection. Instead they focused on a niche, which was wedding stationary, and then as time went on they allowed themselves to increase their products and services. You might be a one-man show so focusing on one market and one niche will really allow yourself to create the very best products that you wouldn’t be able to do if you were stretching yourself thin across a ton of different clients.

You Haven’t Defined Your Ideal Client

It’s incredibly futile to be running a business and yet not work out dream client. How are you going to attract them if you have yet to figure out who they are? My biggest mistake was shrugging this advice off and thinking I could just produce content that would hopefully attract some clients. But this was like shooting fish in the sea. Your content goes out to the entire world, and is among your competitors content. How are you going to stand out if you’re just shooting in the dark? You need to have some sort of guide on how you’re going to attract your ideal client and that comes with first defining them.

You Aren’t Standing Out

There are millions of small business doing exactly what you’re doing. Well, maybe not millions but there are a lot. How are you going to compete with you competitors? This involves creating a USP (Unique Selling Point) and a strategy to become the best in the biz. A rough definition of a USP is something that will help you seperate yourself from your competitors in order to succeed. This could be anything from the experience, product or services, any niches, and other factors that will influence a customer in purchasing from you other than your competitors. Once you have defined your USP you can be more confident in your business and stand out more against everyone else.

These are all the tips I used to attract some pretty rad clients that I dreamt of working with. If you need any marketing tips or advice don’t hesitate to email me! Contact me here.

Rebecca Turnbull