3 Reasons Why Your Business Isn't Succeeding


It took me a great deal of time trying to come up with that title, because honestly what defines success? Everyone has their own version of what success looks like, whether its being stable enough in their business to be able to travel, or invest, or sell their company in the end. Whatever your goal is, there are a few things you might be doing to sabotage your success.


You Don’t Have a Refined, Consistent and personal Brand

I wouldn’t be writing this post if I didn’t have something to say on branding, after all it is an essential part of any successful business and my specialty! Any business needs a consistent brand that can be seen and recognised on any platform. With social media dominating anything else, it’s even more important to define your brand and create a clear and consistent brand that appeals to your target audience and creates a spot for you in the market. With businesses rising and falling every single day it’s so important to stand out from the crowd. A brand that reflects you and your business (your values, mission and services) is essential in winning over clients.

Horizontal Brand Strategy ad.png

Your website sucks

To put it bluntly, if you don’t have a website or if your website was created ten years ago, potential clients are going to be turned off. It’s so easy to create a simple, minimal and stylish website design with multiple call to actions that there is no excuse! This pairs with a consistent branding, so make sure your website doesn’t look like a hot mess by sticking to a limited colour palette, fonts and photography. Additionally, it’s important to have a consistent voice. Consider hiring a copywriter to write everything you want published on your website, including your services, about page, and various other pages. A professional looking website will only go so far when there are mistakes and typos galore!


You don’t have a unique selling point

You need something to stand out. Even beautifully designed websites, logos, advertisements and more can fall when there is nothing to separate a business from everyone else. You need to be clear in your business strategy, whether its targeting to a select audience, competing in prices or your products themselves, everything else is moot point without something separating yourself from the hundreds of other businesses competing in the same niche. An example of this is if you own a coffee shop and are selling and targeting your marketing to anyone and everyone it can be less effective then say, having a targeted audience of young hipsters with a love for soy lattes (guilty).


I hope this has helped you in your business! Feel free to contact me for further information or just a chat, I love helping out small businesses to grow into the brand they were dreaming of! If you need branding designs done check out my services page for more information.

Rebecca Turnbull