Why a Brand Strategy is Essential For a Successful Business


It’s so important to have a brand strategy in that it's important to have a business plan (if you knew me, you’d know how much I love a good business plan). Brand strategy could be the main reason why a business is miles ahead of their competitors without brand strategies. Read on to find out what is it, how you can implement it in your business and why it’s so important!


What does a brand strategy look like?

A brand strategy is the strategic to approach to your branding, in simpler words. It's the why of everything your brand offers, and is thoughtful and aware of your target audience, your niche and you services. A brand strategy is the reason why you chose that font, why you picked that logo over another one, and why you chose those colours.

At Studio Apelila we focus on raising businesses to where they want to be through branding, and that involves being strategic about our design choices. A lot of careful planning and thought goes into every single design and even if that involves spending all night on perfecting one logo, we are there!

A brand strategy could look like choosing soft, feminine colours for a wedding photographer service, with lots of script and elegant font choices! That is a very simplified strategic approach to creating a brand but its still strategic thinking.


Your business needs a brand strategy to appeal to your target audience. Different things attract different people and thus your branding must be on par with your clients and target audience. Brand strategy also helps carve out your spot in the market. With so many new businesses popping up and only a few being successful, brand strategy takes you miles further than businesses without.

That is our biggest approach here at Studio Apelila, we aim to create brands that stand the test of time and grow with your brand, not against. If you’re interested in contacting us for an initial call on your brand, feel free to head over to our contact page and fill out the form, or simply send us an email at studioapelila@gmail.com.

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