The value of a complete brand identity


Why is branding so important?

Investing in your brand to a new business owner can be tempting and daunting at the same time. Trusting a designer with your vision and business can be nerve-wrecking but ultimately is so rewarding when you find someone you can trust! The list of reasons why a beautifully designed and strategic brand is so important is never-ending in my opinion! But I’m going to nail it down to a few simple values.


Your brand is the face of your business

A potential client decides whether or not to stick around within seconds of first looking at your business, whether its online, in-store or on social media. As branding encompasses the whole experience you need a cohesive, refined and beautiful brand to capture your audience’s attention straight away and keep it.


Your branding is unique and professional

While DIY-ing your brand in the beginning is perfectly acceptable it may not be as unique as you were hoping. Your brand is all about you and your personality! There shouldn’t be any stock logos or premade vectors if you want your brand to be completely truthful to who you are as a business and business-owner. Be proud to share your story, to show the ‘real’ you. It is far more likely that your target audience will connect to an honest and heartfelt image as opposed to one which feels and looks forced.

The value of a unique brand is that it makes you easier to stand out and be recognised. With businesses rising and falling every single day you want a brand that stands the test of the time and isn’t following trends or that another business is using.


Attract the right clients

I’m sure we have all had our fair share of nightmare customers (in fact there is a website dedicated to this very topic!). The ones that demand more than you are able to give at a lower rate, all the way to the clients who dictate every part of the process.

The right type of clients will inspire you, motivate you and will feel genuinely confident in your services and your abilities as a business owner, reminding you of why you even became a business owner in the first place. Clients who engage with your brand, love your style, trust you and connect with your values, will automatically encourage a more positive service experience.

Rebecca Turnbull